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One Factor At a Time sampling 🔗

In the case of models requiring a long time to run, or for preliminary experiments, one may want to proceed to a sampling similar to the grid sampling, with a reduced number of total runs. For this, one can vary each factor successively in its domain, the others being fixed to a nominal value. The sampling primitive OneFactorSampling does so and takes as arguments any number of factors decorated by the keyword nominal and the nominal value. It is used as follows in an example with a DirectSampling:
val x1 = Val[Double]
val x2 = Val[Double]
val o = Val[Double]

val myModel = ScalaTask("val o = x1 + x2") set (
    inputs += (x1,x2),
    outputs += (x1,x2, o)

val exploration = DirectSampling(
    evaluation = myModel hook DisplayHook(),
    sampling = OneFactorSampling(
      (x1 in (0.0 to 1.0 by 0.2)) nominal 0.5,
      (x2 in (0.0 to 1.0 by 0.2)) nominal 0.5