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CNRS Researcher at Géographie-cités and ISC-PIF. Scientific Manager of the OpenMOLE Platform leader of the development for scientific simulation and computing, he developed both MGO and GridScale.
CNRS Researcher Engineer at ISC-PIF (UPS 3611) and Géographie-cités (UMR 8504). Developer of the OpenMOLE Platform, he developed both the Scaladget library and ScalaWUI skeleton.
Research associate at Imperial College London, in the BioMedIA group. Developer of the OpenMOLE Platform, he co-developed GridScale. Regularly inserts bugs in the code to keep his team-mates on task.
CNRS postdoc at ISC-PIF (UPS 3611). He applies OpenMOLE methods on some models. For instance, he carried out a study with OpenMOLE on the IGN SimPLU model, and tries to make the documentation user readable and noob-proof. As a hobby, he animates SVG files and gives his opinion on the graphical design :-)
Guillaume CHEREL
CNRS Research Engineer at ISC-PIF. Scientific computing and simulation researcher, he worked on the conception of methods for simulation experiments and parameter space exploration and worked on the development of MGO.
Étienne DELAY
PhD in geography, agent-based model addict, he is currently in a postdoctoral fellowship in Dakar (Senegal). Inside the OpenMole project, he is a beta user and contributor to the communication and documentation efforts.
Sustainable development Researcher at IGN and EHESS.
Research Engineer in Geomatics at UMR IDEES Rouen. I love Complex Systems, Agent-Based Models, and Evolutionary Algorithm. I probably compile and beta test every dev version of OpenMOLE since 2010 :) I also participate in developing the MGO framework and the Gama-plugin.
CNRS Postdoc at ISC-PIF (UPS CNRS 3611) and Research Associate at Géographie-cités (UMR CNRS 8504). As a geographer, he contributes to the development of exploration methods for models of simulation.