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Try our demo website 🔗

Before downloading OpenMOLE, you might want to get a preview of what you can do with it. You can try OpenMOLE online using our demo website. Please note that the service is reset every 6 hours, so don't be surprised if your current script suddenly vanishes :-)

Download OpenMOLE 🔗

To run correctly on your own computer, OpenMOLE requires Java version 8 or above. Check our FAQ to access your Java version information.
When Java is installed, you just need to download and extract the archive below, and you're done! OpenMOLE is installed and works out of the box!

Download 10.0-SNAPSHOT

However, if you prefer building the OpenMOLE application from sources you can do so as explained here.

Previous versions of the OpenMOLE application and documentation are available here. The previous version logs are gathered here. Due to a data loss in 2016, only the versions from OpenMOLE 6 are available.

Run OpenMOLE on Linux 🔗

Once you downloaded OpenMOLE, you can then launch it by executing the openmole file in the installation directory with the ./openmole command. It will bring up you web browser and you should see something like this:

OpenMOLE supports Chrome and Firefox. If you are using another web browser, you will need to copy paste the OpenMOLE url (something like http://localhost:[port]) in either Chrome or Firefox.

Experiment with OpenMOLE 🔗

To get started with OpenMOLE and see a few simple use cases, you can follow our Step by Step Introduction to OpenMOLE. Other Tutorials are also available, and you should find all the info you need in our Documentation section.
If you have questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact our great Community through the forum or the chat!