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1 - First time setup
2 - Build the OpenMOLE application

First time setup 🔗

Prerequisites 🔗

You will need the following tools to get a local copy of OpenMOLE running:
  • A Java 11 (or higher) JDK (N.B. not only the JRE!). Check your version by typing javac -version in a terminal.
  • The git software and the LFS extension.
  • SBT, the Scala Building Tool.
  • npm, the Node Package Manager.
As a suggestion, we recommend the IntelliJ IDE to edit the Scala source code of the project.

Get the project 🔗

Clone the OpenMOLE repository by typing the following in your command shell (prompt $>):
$> git lfs install
$> git lfs clone

Build the OpenMOLE application 🔗

Build from sources 🔗

For the first time
To build the OpenMOLE application for the first time after cloning it, execute the script inside the OpenMOLE directory that you just cloned.
$> cd openmole
$> ./
Upon successful completion, the executable is placed under openmole/bin/openmole/target/assemble and is launched as any executable via the ./openmole command. The app should then pop up in your default web browser, the URL should be something like http://localhost:44961/app.
Re-build the project after an update
In order to apply the changes after you updated your OpenMOLE version (by doing a git pull of the project for instance), you need to run successively the and scripts.
$> ./
$> ./

Create a standalone archive 🔗

You can create a standalone archive of your fresh OpenMOLE build and ship it around by using sbt openmole:tar. You will find the resulting archive in bin/openmole/target/openmole.tar.gz.
Publish the bundles:
$> cd build-system
$> sbt publish
$> cd ../libraries
$> sbt publish
$> cd ../openmole
$> sbt publish

Compile within Docker 🔗

An easy way to get an OpenMOLE compilation environment up and running is to use Docker. Once Docker is installed on your machine you can do:
$> git clone
$> cd docker-build
$> ./run -v /a/local/path/on/your/system
# You should be in the docker container now, execute
You can now find the compiled OpenMOLE app in /a/local/path/on/your/system/openmole/openmole/bin/openmole/target/assemble/.
Alternatively you can run the script in the OpenMOLE git repository. It launches a docker environment, you can then run within this environment.