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1 - What is the Market Place for?
2 - Sneak peek into the Market Place contents
3 - Contribute your example/tutorial!

What is the Market Place for? 🔗

The OpenMOLE Market Place is accessible through this repository or directly from the GUI application: New Project > From Example. Clicking on a project will download it in the application, and you will be able to run it immediately!
There you will find examples handling some use cases of OpenMOLE. Don't focus too much on the applications or programming languages serving as a use case, these examples are more about how to do things the OpenMOLE way.

Sneak peek into the Market Place contents 🔗

Hello World 🔗

These examples demonstrate how to plug models written in different languages in OpenMOLE. There are examples for R, Scilab, and Java. For Java, there are two examples: one to plug the Java model as any other language, and the second to embed it as a plugin.

Applicative tutorials 🔗

  • Native application how to package your own application on Linux to make it portable and explore it with OpenMOLE
  • Workflow example basic principles of OpenMOLE
  • Model exploration
  • Approximate Bayesian Computation
Some of these tutorials are also detailed in the Tutorials section.

NetLogo examples 🔗

There are a number of NetLogo examples, to illustrate various OpenMOLE methods. Two classic NetLogo models are used in these examples: the Fire model and the Ants model.
Not all examples are listed here, for a full list look at the GitHub repository or in the GUI.

Contribute your example/tutorial! 🔗

You can contribute to the market place either by making a pull request on the central OpenMOLE market place, or by pushing your example workflow on your own git repository and post it to the @aa("user mailing list",
To contribute to the market place you should only provide self-contained working examples. All resources needed to execute the workflow should be located in a single directory. One or several .oms files can be provided, and a must explain what the workflow computes. A workflow is included in this section only if it compiles within the matching OpenMOLE version.